About Truealty

– Truealty was formed with a mission –

“Provide a Truly reliable and transparent platform to Leverage financial and Resource by group investing from multiple investors for mutual benefit from the Real estate investment opportunity”

“Started by Experienced Investors with process and metrics driven projects to optimize profits, minimize risks and provide risk based return options”

All the company profits are shared among members prorated by their investments

We are more than regular real estate investors. We are a group who are passionate about what we do and our success is the proof. We pride ourselves in being honest and consistent in our projections of how the real estate market tends to lean. Make use of the market by proactively analyzing the information with our IT experience.

The Truealty has a tradition of excellence, hard work, and a can-do attitude when providing real estate investment services in the residential and commercial markets.

We know “Group Real Estate Investment at it’s Best !!!”

Why Truealty?


We have selected key counties and cities in northern Virginia to utilize the trend and market stability to our advantage. We smartly analyze various data points to narrow down the potentially high profit margin with less risk factors.

Process Driven

Our success is driven by the process we adopted in documenting and integrating the IT knowledge we have collectively over 40 years of experience in handling multiple clients in various capacities. We have applied our IT expertise to real estate experience and see the success at fast pace leading to higher profit not only for us but to our investors.


Truealty emerged with the meaning of True Realty and you can see for yourself how the projects are handled starting to end without any hidden facts and miss use of funds. Trust is our strength.