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All successful real estate investors has one thing in common: their income was not correlated to their time spent working. Hard work does not always equal to longer hours. Most of the time the deciding factors are logic, expertise, and professionalism. Truealty meet the standards that matter.

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Truealty Bradley Square, LLC

This Commercial project located at 10623 Dumfries Road in Manassas, VA is a 3 acre parcel of land that is being developed for an approx. 26,000 SF of retail and office building on two floors and a 10,400 SF of Daycare space. Truealty LLC affiliate entity Truealty Bradley square is the owner and the developer of the land. Currently all the development process is complete, and permits are being processed. All elevation plans are complete for the project. We also have a leased Daycare for a Montessori which is expected to complete by 2024.

The general outline of the development opportunity is:
1. Truealty Bradley square owns the land free and clear.
2. The current timeline is to complete the daycare and have tenant occupied by 2024, Lease the retail/office building in the next 2 years.
3. The Property is expected to completely leased in the next 3 years and fully stabilized.
4. The Project, at full completion yield equity gain of 121% with an estimated gross cashflow of 17% per annum.

Truealty Services / steinhorst, LLC
Steinhorst, now Truealty Services, has been serving the Virginia community for over 70 years now, making it one of the oldest and most respected plumbing, electrical, HVAC, & remodeling service business in the area. Our friendly and professional technicians are highly experienced and well-equipped to deliver the best service and satisfaction no matter how small or big the job is. It is no mistake that you’re hiring a company with a solid foundation that follows best industry practices to ensure the highest level of safety, care, and priority of our customers.
Truealty Homes, LLC
Truealty Homes is a team of experienced home building experts with thoughtful designers and skilled craftsmen passionate about building spec homes, custom homes, log homes, and townhomes. We build high-performance homes in Virginia and Maryland on our own lots and on customers’ lots, with beautiful architectural details. Our team is committed to providing you with an enjoyable home-building experience. Our process is seamless, detailed, and thorough. Our interactive design sessions for home building make your home building experience enjoyable.
Truealty Van dorn, LLC
Truealty Van Dorn LLC, an affiliate entity of Truealty, has acquired a 2.3-acre lot to build 17 new townhomes. The objective is to complete the construction and rent and hold them for next 10 years. Most of the re-zoning effort is complete as of today. The approvals are provided along with this document. The site work is expected to start in 2023 and construction to be in 3 phase starting 2024.
Truealty Holdings, LLC

Truealty Holdings, LLC is an investment division of Truealty designed to balance the risk and returns for the investors by blending low risk and equity investments in the ongoing Truealty projects and initiatives with an objective to simplify the process of making prudent investment decisions, enabling a reliable and predictable return of approximately 15% to 20% per annum.

The investment is exclusively available to Accredited Investors only with a required minimum investment of $100,000. This offering is structured as a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) in compliance with Regulation D as stipulated by the SEC. We are planning to raise $10 million in funds over a two-year period in phases.

Truealty Poland Rd, LLC
This is a 7 single family home development project. The Company acquired on all cash basis a piece of land currently approved to subdivide into 7 single family home lots. The land is located very close to already densely developed single family community on Poland about half a mile from Route 50. The piece of land is the only piece available for development currently in the area and thus a great opportunity to build new homes. The homes are targeted to sell in the range of $1,000,000 per house. The land acquisition is complete. The CPAP for sub dividing the lot into 7 lots has been approved by the county. Our Project scope involves recording the lots and construct 7 homes. One spec home will be built initially and then the rest of the lots will be pre-sold to buyers. The Company plans to start and complete in about 18 months to already committed buyers.
Truealty Properties, LLC
Truealty Office building (2812 Old Lee Hwy, Suite 100 A&C, Fairfax VA 22031) is a rental property owned by Truealty Properties LLC. All rental property acquistions are handled by this company.
Truealty DeepCreek, LLC
The Truealty Deep Creek Log Home Project is in a walkable distance to WISP Resort mountaintop restaurant. Truealty has acquired 26 ready to build lots (Deep Creek Phase I – 13 Lots, Phase II – 13 lots) with all public utilities in place