The Founding Partners


Meet our PRESIDENT & Ceo

Vijay Chikkava

Having a broad background in business development, digital transformation, and organizational development, Vijay Chikkava has been the trusted advisor to numerous satisfied CFOs, CTOs, and CIOs, having turned around troubled enterprises and businesses left and right since 2008.

Having witnessed the potential of investing in real estate, coupled with his natural gift in developing high-performance teams across functions, geographies, and cultures are factors that drove him to build a company built to break the real estate investment barrier that separates the experienced from the wise players just in need of the right push.

Founded in early 2017, Vijay Chikkava oversees Truealty’s daily operations and manages the international team that promotes its creative and innovative platform curated to help smart investors invest even smarter.

Mr. Chikkava earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Kuvempu and is a proud Magna Cum Laude MBA degree holder in Finance, Information Technology, and Human Resource from Trident University International.

Meet our Coo

Kumaran Chinnaswamy

With a great passion for real estate and 20 years of Real Estate and Investment experience, Kumaran is co-founder and the Vice President & COO of Truealty, Visionary, and Entrepreneur providing strategic direction to the project. He has an extensive background in Real estate construction, flips, rental, and management of properties. He comes with creative ideas to bring new projects, great delivery, and project management skills.

As a Vice President of Truealty, he supervises the project delivery, identifying the right software/tools, vendor coordination to realize the vision on the Truealty projects. His Major skills include project management, market research, just-in-time decision making, and execution excellence. With his cool composure, he thrives on all kinds of challenges, especially those that expand the company’s reach.Before joining Truealty, Kumaran worked for a Federal Agency as ERP Consultant for 21 years. He has been a Senior Executive in an IT company since 2006 and holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering. He loves traveling with family to various countries every year to get quality time with them. Gets back from vacation with more energy to focus on the business.

Meet our Sr. Vice President

Deepika Ramineni

Deepika, Sr. Vice president, Truealty LLC, brings a wide variety of experience to the management team, that includes real estate investment, construction management, operations management, along with a strong background in implementing technology solutions. Deepika also co-founded Gerent LLC and oversees the operations, in the Washington metro, and has over two decades of experience in the IT services industry – leading global teams and managing operations. In addition, she has sponsored and managed the multiple real estate projects overseas and locally. Deepika is process oriented and believes in a problem-solving approach. Having led management teams providing Organization Training and Development services, she has a strong exposure to Training and Organization development evidenced by her excellent inter-personal and team management skills. At Truealty, she provides the strategic direction to operations and IT implementation. Deepika has provides strategic vision and approach to enable future growth of Truealty. Her Major skills include Operations and risk management and problem solving. Deepika holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Getting to know employees is one of Deepika’s favorite aspects about her job — she strives to make everyone feel valued and heard. Outside of work, Deepika’s interests include art, interior design, and gardening. She also loves cooking for her family!